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Stamping deburring process

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It is unavoidable to have durr by traditional stamping process, although the technology have been researched out successfully which about stamping without burr or precisely stamping process. But it does not come to practical stage. Until recently, all kinds of material process which mainly about metal stamping process, they are all generate burr during the stamping process. As the result, it is unavoidable to use deburring for all this material. Recently, there are a lots of deburring process to deal with stamping workpiece. But most of them adopt mechanical deburring method with different mechanism and type. First: type, mechanism and range of application of mechanical deburring. 1, manual deburring method which use steel brush, rasp,  scraper, grinding wheel, grinding wheel etc to remove burr and tarnishing on stamping part. Due to it’s high working intensity, low efficiency, high cost nature, manual deburring can only be used to one-piece or small amount of stamping part production. But this method is flexible, and also not limited by working site and equipment. It can be used to almost all kinds of stamping part. So it has advantage of to make new type of product. 2. Roller deburring process can not only deal with burr of wedge, but also the surface tarnishing. There are mainly two type of stamping roller deburring machine which are Horizontal and tilting, mostly adopts horizontal roller type at current. It should put stamping parts and grinding material into roller at specific ratio before barreling.  Relying on interaction between stamping part and grinding material during rolling, the burr and surface rust can be removed. The application of roller deburring method is about to deal with small dimension and big thickness stamping part. Stamping part is easily appear bruising and deformation because its rolling nature. It is even unavoidable that about the deformation of part which have low stiffness and high stamp power. The prime factors which can have effect to barreling efficiency and quality are about : part material, geometry, dimension, burr size and grinding material. Not recommend to use roller deburring when the length-width ratio is bigger than 2.5. It is hard to remove burr use roller deburring when the length of burr is more than 0.5mm. The other method should be bring out. Usually to use nature wood chip. For metal stamping part, different shape of grinding particle which are triangle, cylindrical, spherical made from different material which are silicon carbide, alumina, quartz or ceramic can be used. The bigger grinding particle, the higher deburring efficiency. But it is not recommend to have grinding particle oversize in order to avoid crash the workpiece. The volume ratio of grinding & stamping part – roller cannot beyond 60 percentage ,and the duration time is above 1.5 to 2 hours normally. The advantage of it is about easy control, low cost, high efficiency, good quality as well. And downside is about the noise often exceed bid, and the equipment can only be installation in particular room without man. 3. Vibratory flesh deburring is a grinding process with vibration, it remove the burr on the surface and wedge of part. The basic mechanism of vibratory flesh deburring is put stamping part and grinding material in ratio into vessel, and put into additive appropriately. Relying on its periodic vibration of container can make interaction between stamping part and stamping part, stamping part and grinding material. So realize the propose of deburring at last. Commonly used is vertical or horizontal Vibratory flesh deburring machine. At present, commonly used natural abrasive is sawdust, broken ceramic chip, quartz sand, cloud stone, etc., in addition, also often use artificial synthesis of abrasive, there are three prismatic and cylindrical, polygon ceramics, alumina, silicon carbide grinding block . This method can be applied to stamping part which have greater thickness and good stiffness, as well as deburring for the part which have litter concave-convex feature. The processing quality is good, but the efficiency is not high, running noise often exceeds bid. 4. Grinding deburring: do grinding for the surface of plate with grinding wheel or abrasive belt, commonly used with abrasive belt grinding deburring machine, belt grinding deburring machine, etc. Just like grinding machine, grinding deburring have two type which are dry milling and wet milling. wet milling quality generally high with no dust pollution. This method can not only be used to deburring, but also to improve the flatness and straightness of part. But the range of application for grinding machine has a certain limitations, figure1 has shows the But the scope of different grinding deburring machine has certain limitations, conveyor slab deburring machine. If size is too small then would reduce the suction force, this is because the relationship between magnet force and dimension of part. It can occur seriously damage of workpiece which is too thin, and also may easy to fly out during processing. From this point of view, grinding deburring is suitable for thicker workpiece. Plate grinding machine have better effect to remove surface  dirty rust and burr. Application range of abrasive belt deburring machine is bigger than plate grinding machine according to the min tolerance dimension. But is too thin and small stamping parts also do not recommend using this method to deburring; In addition, when the die cutting edge grinding blunt, salt pieces will produce obvious arch bending, the burr size will increase significantly. Encounter this kind of situation should be timely grinding die, otherwise will reduce the efficiency of deburring, increases the difficulty of the deburring. 5. Injection deburring is develop from  sandblasting and shot blasting of the forgings surface cleaning. And in the early 1980 s, people developed the beam with high pressure water cutting sheet metal equipment after application in deburring method. Its principle is to make injection material, such as particle size of sand, glass beads, iron pills, abrasive, etc., using compressed air through a pipe to the nozzle, the nozzle jet to fixed in the special container stent surface of workpiece, the workpiece surface using injection materials for high speed impact cutting tarnishing, burr, clean the surface of workpiece, except for deburring and chamfering purpose. But this method have lower efficiency, need more time for clamping, so it is not suitable for large number of mass production deburring. But for big size, material thickness of the three-dimensional salt pieces of stamping part, such as steel window, frame, frame, high pressure vessel and other large stamping, it has great effect. Secondly, except for deburring process selection, metal stamping part occupy the biggest part of stamping. some metal stamping parts must be deburring and then can be transferred to subsequent processing. Or directly into the product assembly, delivery of users. For different type of metal stamping part, it should be used different kinds of method to deal with burr from economic point of view. In order to keep high quality and lower cost. Reasonable selection of deburring process, especially for investment in fixed assets, including equipment, process equipment and the factory building, environmental protection, investment effect is remarkable. To have optimize the selection and technology of deburring is a economical problem for the long-established enterprise. so in the preparation of stamping process and choosing deburring process can not be ignored. Under the condition of guarantee quality, it should also focus on lower cost. It should consider the following questions during selection: ①The shape, material, dimension of stamping part. ②Technology requirements for stamping: Does it need smoothing for corner beside deburring? Is there need derusting decontamination for stamping part surface? Whether to allow the shear plane, surface in deburring process mild bruising and scratch? Whether need to deal with rust protection? ③ Which type of load process and stamping structure should be applied? What is the biggest possibility of the appearance of height and thickness of burr? Die blade wear and failure scrapped before grinding, may produce burr and size? The total amount of stamping parts. The relationship between limitation time, efficiency and equipment. Environment pollution status, and  solving method. The mechanical and automation degree which need to acquire. Investment, workers and other conditions and constraints. There are a lot of factors to make a constrain to deburring process, including current production conditions, operator technical and habit. Excellent selection for deburring process have a deep influence of improving production, yield and lower the cost. 

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